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 ZigBee Application Example - Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Operations with Zigbee networks

Our latest product development of wireless modules and expertise in warehousing and logistics has enabled us to provide retailers and distribution specialists with end to end visibility of their operations in real time. Each asset tracker has a built in location engine which enables the device to be located throughout the warehouse by the suitable positioning of access points

In addition tracking devices can hold data on the contents of the pallet or tote and can automatically send alarms for example when the temperature is exceeded or expiry dates have been reached.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Location of pallets and totes throughout the warehouse
  • Tracking of pallets and totes onto lorries & containers
  • Mobile machinery health and position monitoring
  • Automatic control of mobile machinery in restricted areas
  • Charging station battery management
  • Location and contact with key personnel in the warehouse

ZigBee Applications - Warehouse Operations
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