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 ZB111 ZigBee Wireless Barcode Reader

ZB111 ZigBee Wireless Barcode Reader

Designed for operation with IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks the ZB111 Barcode Reader can be used for a variety of industrial and logistics barcode scanning applications. The ZB111 is provided with a keypad and graphical display enabling barcode scans, interactive messages, commands and prompts to be sent to central Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Execution server based systems. The ruggedized handheld unit has low power requirements and is rechargeable from a standard 5vDC/ mains charger

The ZB111 barcode reader is intended to be used in warehousing, manufacturing and logistics applications as a low cost alternative to the more complex traditional windows based handheld devices with alphanumeric keys and touch screens. The ZB111 barcode scanner is designed to interact with a central server as most of the intelligence will be in the server. Scanning a barcode will automatically put the details on the screen and transmit the data to the server. The server will then respond with validation of prompts on the display or elsewhere such as an overhead flat screen. The big advantage of an overhead screen is that is so easy to see and interact with, rather than small LCD displays. In fact the keypad can be used independently of the scanner if needed to chose menu options and capture events relative to your supply chain process.

Although Wi-Fi networks are extensively used in warehousing and logistics operations they are expensive to install and often require costly RF site surveys, which can cost several thousand pounds before any equipment is installed. The access points and Wi Fi enabled devices often introduce connection delays and the network is not easily extendable. The ZB111 utilises ZigBee for its network connection which requires a single Ethernet Gateway together with low cost routers to extend the coverage. Routers increase the robustness of the network by re-routing data in the event of a single node failure. Once the network is established then in addition to communicating with end devices such as the barcode reader other products can also be incorporated into the system.

Most devices on a Wi-Fi network are IP addressable which increases the risk of network security breaches. On a ZigBee network only the Gateway has an IP address. Each end device which connects into the server has a unique MAC address, so permitted MAC address’s can be held within the server application. Another significant advantage for security of your corporate network, is that it is impossible to browse onto a network via an Ethernet Gateway as the device does not support file sharing. The bandwidth is low at 256Kb, it supports data transfer via small efficient packets of data, and it is not designed for high bandwidth applications such as voice or file access. Where encryption of data is required then WEP can be enabled.

A .NET Software Developer Kit (SDK) and starter kit for the ZB111 (ZigBee Wireless Bar Code Scanner) will be available for developers soon. Together with our ZB Mon TM diagnostic software this will provide all you need to get up and running without the need for an in-depth knowledge of the ZigBee stack or comm’s protocol. To register your interest for a starter kit then please use the contact button below. Also keep an eye on this site as we will soon be releasing details of our ZB111 RFID enabled hand held which will provide HF RFID (13.56Mhz) capabilities integrated with the bar code reader or as a stand alone device.


  • Supports mesh wireless networking and data routing
  • Active Pixel Sensor Technology Barcode Reader
  • Reads all commonly used barcodes
  • ZigBee ™ compatible hardware
  • Licence Free 2.4 GHz operation
  • Interactive Keypad & Graphical Display
  • 750mA rechargeable battery
  • 100m distance in free space with routing feature for extended coverage
  • Prices TBA - contact us for volume pricing


Typical applications of the ZB111 wireless barcode reader/scanner include:

  • Receipt and validation of goods arriving on trailers at the intake in conjunction with overhead flat screens over the bay doors. The first carton is scanned and the overhead screen will display quantity of goods expected on the lorry, type (SKU ref) etc.
  • Picking systems where cartons are split into individual items (multimedia and video games etc) which are then placed into totes.
  • Remote control of conveyors for maintenance purposes where a barcode is fitted to each motor drive. the conveyor control PLC has an OPC interface to a ZB104 Gateway (or serial Modbus using a ZB103). The maintenance engineer scans the barcode and the LCD display confirms drive reference number. An LCD prompt asks him to select local independent or remote control. He selects local and the system (central PLC ) then enables him to stop and start the conveyor for maintenance purposes. A heartbeat is continuously sent whist the conveyor is running to ensure wireless communication at all times


Wireless Communications
2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee RF transceiver, 2.410 – 2.485 GHz
Wireless Data Rate
Up to 250kbps
Barcode Reader
Active Pixel Sensor technology reads all common barcodes including Code11,Code 39, Code128,Code93/93i,EAN128,UPC,Matrix,Interleaf2of5, and others
64 x 96 Pixel Graphical Display with blue backlight
Power Supply
3.7V 750mA Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
10 keys which can be user defined (made to order)
LED Indication
Scan Read, Radio Status, Battery Status
ABS Plastic body with moulded rubber sides
Operating Temperature
-20ºC - +40ºC
Wireless Operating Distance
Nominal 100m in free space, application dependant
120mm high x 70mm wide x 45mm deep, excluding antenna
DTI Research & Development Award 2006
DTI Research & Development Award 2006
Annubis Award 2007 Annubis Award 2007
ISO9001:2000 Approval 2005 ISO9001:2000 Approval 2005
DTI Smart Award 2005 DTI Smart Award 2005
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