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 ZB117 Wireless Beacon Stack

ZB117 Wireless Beacon Stack

The ZB117 Intelligent Wireless Beacon Stack has been developed in partnership with D. G. Controls Ltd, to provide programmable intelligence and wireless mesh networking for their range of 24V DC beacon stacks.

The standard termination module is replaced with IDC’s ZB100 OEM module which provides a dedicated processor, memory, digital I/O and wireless transceiver. The ZB117 removes the need for conventional hardwired control signals to individual lamps and enables multiple Beacon Stacks to operate independently or within a network.

The beacon stack can be used in a variety of operation modes.

  • Beacons can be paired to become interactive with each other or with other IDC wireless devices such as push buttons, pull cords, keypads or logic controllers. In this mode complete systems can be developed for a wide range of manufacturing operations including andon, picking, and parts calling.
  • For existing for machinery control systems using beacon stacks installed by conventional cabling. Simply by retrofitting a wireless module to each beacon stack, the beacons can report the state of each lamp over the wireless network to immediately notify plant supervisors of problems. This mode provides a simple cost effective way to monitor machines centrally and log production data.
  • For integration with a PLC or PC the Beacon Stacks communicate via a ZB104 Ethernet Gateway over Modbus TCP, eliminating the requirement for hard wiring or field bus systems. An internal 9 way DIL switch allows for selection of 256 node addresses and 2 separate wireless networks.

Standard GUI interfaces and customised software is available for a range of solutions.


  • Each Stack provides up to 6 wireless operated beacons or 5 monitored only beacons
  • Can be independent or paired to other devices without the need for a PLC or PC
  • Programmable with Over The Air (OTA) programming
  • Beacons can act as routers to expand the wireless network
  • 256 selectable node addresses using internal DIL switch
  • Single Network selection switch – 1 of 2 networks/channels
  • Supports IEEE 802.15.4 networks
  • PLC or PC connectivity over Modbus -TCP
  • Lamp flash patterns defined at PLC/PC all lamp stacks in a network are synchronised
  • Lamp failure detection over the wireless network
  • Integrates and interacts with ZB product range


Beacon Stack
Max 6 Lamps per stack with 7 colours available Red, Yellow, Amber, Green, Blue, Purple & Clear (The top lamp may be replaced with a sounder)
Lamp Types
Standard 10W Filament, LED. Other filament wattages less than 10W may be used
Supply Voltage, Current
24V DC, 2.55A (max – with six 10W lamps ON)
Industry standard 8051 MCU, 32 MHz, 8 bit Processor
8kB SRAM, 128kB Flash
9 DIL switch provides 2 wireless networks each with 256 node addresses
Wireless communications
IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee, 2.410- 2.485 GHz, 250kbits/sec
Wireless Receiver Sensitivity
- 94 dBm, typically 50m distance in free space between beacons
-20ºC - +55ºC
IEC Protection Class & Enclosure
IP65, UV stabilised polycarbonate
Overall Dimensions per module
Base height 73mm, Lamp Module height 69mm, Cap 20mm Overall diameter 88mm Lens diameter 78mm
UL94 HB rated flammability, IP20
DTI Research & Development Award 2006
DTI Research & Development Award 2006
Annubis Award 2007 Annubis Award 2007
ISO9001:2000 Approval 2005 ISO9001:2000 Approval 2005
DTI Smart Award 2005 DTI Smart Award 2005
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